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Originally from Los Angeles, California, I married my husband, David Grunska, in 1990, and moved with him to his home town of Neenah, Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin climate was a huge change for me, and in stark contrast to the sunny southern California I was accustomed to. But now, years later, I cannot think of any place I'd rather be.  ​David and I have two daughters, Kaeli and Lauren, who share our love of horses.  We have four horses of our own, and a farm dog, Natalie, who is really more of a family lap dog.

I have owned horses much of my life.  However, owning horses in California was much different than having them in Wisconsin. When I first moved to Wisconsin, I began working at a local show barn. I enjoyed everything about it until winter happened.  I was in total shock over the cold, and couldn't believe anyone would want to deal with horses in such a frigid climate!  The barn I worked at was even heated!  I soon decided that horses were not going to be part of my life if I had to deal with the snow and freezing temperatures. I quit my job, placing my equine passion on hold.

That didn't last very long.  Soon after, we purchased David's grandfather's farm and it wasn't long before our young daughters were enjoying a couple ponies.  As expected, next came horses.  As I adjusted to the winters, we began contemplating a horse boarding business, and Vinland Stables was born.  We now care for forty horses on our farm, and needless to say, I have become acclimated to working in cold temperatures.  Wisconsin may have cold winters, but it has the most beautiful summers and falls anywhere.

Through my experience building our equine business from scratch, as well as my life as an equine professional, I have acquired insight, wisdom and knowledge.  I have grown passionate about encouraging others to pursue their horse-related dreams, as I did mine.  I hope to help them overcome hurdles, resolve issues, and avoid the pitfalls which can so easily distract us in our endeavors. My goal is to guide, mentor and instruct others along their equine journey, and see them succeed in their horse barn, business, and life.

Wishing you many blessings along the way,  

About Sheri

"I am sure it didn't make sense to leave jobs in search of the chance to work at home with all the risks involved but we did what was on our hearts at the time, and along with our two very young girls, we built Vinland Stables."
Sheri Grunska
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