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A Step By Step Guide To Starting and Running A Successful
Horse Boarding Business
The Comprehensive Book of  Horse Boarding & Effective Barn Management
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#1 New Release Equestrian Sports the first two weeks on Amazon!
157 Questions to Ask When looking For The Right Horse Boarding Stable
The Horse Owner's Guide to Finding The Best Stable For You And Your Horse
What_it_really_takes_Cover_for_Kindle (2
The mistakes and Triumphs that are part of starting a horse business.
What It Really Takes To Start and Run A Horse Business
And how to do it right the first time
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A wonderful self-perspective on the life you have chosen with horses
One Horsewoman to Another
Trading in Your High Heels for Muddy Work Boots and Finding Courage, Confidence and Joy in all of it!
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Caring For Horses with a Servant's Heart
A 365 Day Daily Devotional for The Horse Professional and The Horse Lover In All Of Us
True story of friendship when God calls you to do something that seems crazy!
A Kidney For A Cowgirl
The True Story Of My Kidney Donation To A Friend and How It Forever Changed My Life
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The Total Horse Barn Management Makeover
Practical Business Wisdom for Running Your Horse Business
Practical business wisdom!



Sheri Grunska

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 ...And on the Sixth Day God
Created the Horse


The horse became a war machine for the knight and warrior and the companion and comforter to the lonely or scared soldier. They were worshipped and even sacrificed, and kingdoms rose and fell on the back of a horse. Horses were pivotal in ushering in the Industrial Revolution, and they were the inspiration behind the railroad, space shuttle booster rockets, and the in-home carpet cleaner, and that was only the beginning! There was absolutely nothing untouched by the horse, and this beast of burden transformed man's world. This book celebrates and honors the horse in the most beautiful way possible.



The beautiful book take you through an entire year. Each page is a new real-life story and historical account that will leave you wanting to read more. You will never look at a horse the same again - That is a promise!

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