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Get ready to change your barn and business for the better.


If you ask anyone who works in the horse industry why they do what they do, the answer is obvious.  We all love horses.

Yet, when it comes to running an equine business, caring for the horses may be the easiest part of the day.  The possibilities and potential pitfalls are endless, and, as I discovered when first starting out, there aren’t a lot of places to turn for advice.

Whether you are launching your new business, looking to expand or running a well-established boarding facility, I would like to help you navigate the issues and challenges that are potentially holding you back.  My goal is to see your barn, business and life be as successful as you deserve.

Do you struggle in any of the following areas?

  • Defining a vision and goals for our equine business

  • Planning for your business

  • Barn management

  • Stream lining your chores

  • Relationship management and interpersonal skills

  • Clear communication with clients and employees

  • Conflict resolution and problem solving

  • Guiding clients with confidence

  • Maintaining quality care

  • Balancing family and business responsibilities

Ways I can help you succeed:

  • On-site farm visits

  • Phone conferencing

  • Email guidance, support and advice

  • Specially design your barn & stable area, paddocks, pastures, private turnout for efficiency for chores, labor and your daily routine. Also to benefit the horses and clients that will call your facility their barn home. 

Just like every horse in my care, each client’s needs are personal and unique.  There is no barn too big or small, no problem too complicated and no question too ludicrous.  Managing a barn or equine business should and can be a joyous and financially rewarding experience.  I have the experience and knowledge to help you work toward a satisfying and fiscally solid future in the horse industry.  

Consider this a personal invitation to contact me to discuss your situation, and explore how I can help you.  





Client Reviews

"Shortly after I purchased Poplar Place Farm, Sheri Grunska flew down and spent 5 days at my barn.  It was an incredible and valuable experience.  She helped me reorganize and restructure, putting the care of the animals and my boarding business first.  She continues to be my source for all kinds of things that come up on a weekly basis."


Launa DesPortes
Poplar Place Farm

Listen to Sheri's Podcast on the Stall & Stable show!  Click the link below

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