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New Vodcast Series
Rent each video separately and only pay for what you need. 
More choices for you!

"A Step By Step Guide To Starting And Running A Successful Horse Boarding Business"

Sheri's #1 Best Seller
is now available in a video format!

These videos will give you comprehensive details to EVERY part of starting and running a successful horse boarding business. Sheri will take you into her barn and boarding stable and start from the very beginning with building their horse facility and what it took to get a financially sound program in place for their stable and business.  If your serious about setting up your horse business right the first time or correcting the issues you are having then these online videos will help you achieve that.

Our 4th Video is now available
Plus many more to come!

Only available on Vimeo

Please click the link for more information. We want you to be successful in your horse business! 

  • Is your barn design set up efficiently
       for chores and employees? Are you losing money               each month?
  • Is your herd management set-up helping or hurting your business and reputation?
  • Are special requests and special services taking up too much of your time and you are losing money? 
  • How to kill the drama that affects so many stables!
  • The problems that come with purchasing an existing stable
  • Trainers at your barn and how to set that up so you don't lose money
  • Making many changes during the first few years
  • What do the chores and expenses look like throughout all four seasons and crappy weather!
  • Building a business with sound financial practices 
  • Who is actually in control at your stable?  Barn owner, Barn manager, Trainer or the boarder - this part matters!
  • Insurance, Insurance Insurance - don't miss this one!
    Plus so much more coming over the next few months!
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