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The Horse Barn Management Show! Are Your Herd Management Decisions Stressing Out The Horses?

Herd management will affect your boarding stable and business in ways you couldn't imagine. Do this part right and things will be easier - do this part wrong and you are in for a bumpy ride with horses and clients. When is it time to ask a boarder to remove their horse due to bad behavior? Good behavior, bad behavior, your clients and trainers, past history and age all play a part. Get ready for a very real discussion on barn management and the horses that will be a part of your stable.

Sheri is LIVE every Monday and you can ask questions on the show on Facebook at Pro Barn Management or send them early at Sheri's website at​ See you next Monday at 6:30​pm! Please check out all of Sheri's books at plus you can see all her webinars, podcast and blogs! See you Monday!

Join us every Monday at 6:30pm LIVE on Facebook at Please follow us on Facebook at Pro Barn Management so you never miss a LIVE Show!!

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